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Gil'mutdinov Nurislam Valimkhametovich, Postgraduate student, Institute of history of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (18 Kremlyovskaya street, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia), mail:

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Background. In this article we anlyze the process of formation of the legal profession in the period of judicial reform of Alexander II, the second half of the XIX and early XX century in the city of Kazan and the Kazan province, as well as the main trends and characteristics of the profession in the region. In this study, we paid special attention to the formation of the legal profession in order to understand its nature and its characteristic features. It should be emphasized that at resent there is an objective need for an integrated, comprehensive and complete study of the history of the formation and development of the legal profession jury of the Kazan region as a separate region and the corporate body of the Council of barristers. The problem is no one has as yet studied it, no scientific paper on the subject is written.
Materials and methods. Law, as a legal institution, evolving in time and space, is a very complicated subject of study of historical science. The factor that will seriously complicate the study of the question, is the limited source base and spaces preceding historical and legal science. We used three main methods of scientific knowledge. A distinctive feature of the work lies in the fact that it was an attempt combining a specially-historical, geographical and legal methods, thereby acquire interdisciplinary research, conducted at the intersection of the legal and historical areas of scientific knowledge. The prevalent historical methods determine the guiding principles of character and style of research.
Results. The present work will allow to understand the historical roots of the legal profession for its further development in the future, the results can be taken into account when carrying out activities on the adjustment of the present judicial system and legislation in the field of advocacy, applied to further scientific study of the legal and historical conditions of existence of society, human rights activities. The research can be used in teaching general and special courses in the elective classes, lectures and seminars on the subjects of «History of State and Law of Russia», «History of the Volga», «History of Russian legal profession». It may also be useful in a comparative study of the history of the legal profession in various areas of Russia.
Conclusions. The implementation of the judicial reform in Kazan province had national trends, at the same time – the special distinguishing features. The ups and downs of a complex and long process of struggle in Kazan advocates for the right to create its own Board of Barristers reflect the hard way, which had to go through the domestic legal profession towards institutionalization and having its corporate and professional identity.

Key words

legal profession, class corporation, Committee of jury attorneys, Council of barristers.

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